sábado, julho 08, 2006

Do whatever turns you on

"Aberfeldy can't help it. they've written an album bursting with tunes and ideas and love and social commentary and imaginative use of second-hand instruments. they may have post-punk in their soul, but aberfeldy also have folk in their veins. callum malcolm, renowned producer of the blue nile, produced 'do whatever turns you on' and he's given a bigger, and bolder sound to aberfeldy. it's full of dreamy backing vocals, twinkling keyboards, formidable twin-female-harmonies, atmospheric violins, melodic simplicity, old school synths and much more. cd only on rough trade".

Depois do fantástico Young forever os Aberfeldy mandam mais um...vale de certo o tempo gasto.
Mais em http://www.aberfeldys.com

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